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Furnished with a collective of natural elements,such as wood and bricks,Café & Bakery  inspires the interpretation of the continental era serviing a large selection
of casual fare Italian cuisine, including homemade blended coffee, pasta and light menu ciabattas.



Café & Bakery attentive service offering
comprises of spectacular Italian self-sevice
and a-la-carte food selection in a chic &
casual atmosphere. Take away and delivery
service are also available for all food and
beverage menu items, including ciabattas,
hotdogs and homemade desserts.



Italian Tomato’s experienced chefs
provide ALL DAY service with lush
menu options, with such items as
a perfect cup of blended coffee,
speciatly pasta and popular cakes.
At Café & Bakery our friendly staff
is glad to provide excellent service
for you in every moment.


  Homemade Pasta made a secret recipe are
always the HOT items in Café & Bakery satisfying the most disceming palates. The executive chef of Italian Tomato creates an exclusive variety of succulent pasta sauces in Janpanese style,Tomato, Cream and Garlic flavors. Italian Tomato brings customers the traditional Italian
landscapes through the finest ingredients
evident from their first bite.


In addition to the homemade pasta,
Café & Bakery  offers a sumptuous
selection of pizzas,risottos,ciabattas,
hotdogs salads and other non pasta
options.  The exquisite homemade cake
and desserts complete the italian gourmet  experience.


Café & Bakery is passionate about the way it
roasts its coffee with low heat for long periods
of time. 4 different types of fine coffee beans
release a smell of sub-lime, smooth and mellow
taste and light texture, perfectly paired with our
cakes. These exquisite cups of coffee are called
Café & Bakery Blend Coffee.






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